Location: English Bay
Services Provided: Beverage Service & equipment
Description: Georgia Strait Events provide 3 levels of service. VIP Cabana – Inukshuk Bistro – Beverage Garden & Concert

Location – UBC
Services provided – Burgers and Beer! Check out our Event Services page for more info.
Description –We can provide refrigerated trucks with beer taps, tents, tables, and catering.

Location –  British Columbia and Alberta
Services provided – In a time of EMERGENCY, when your cold room or freezer has failed you can rely on Georgia Strait to deliver service which meets and exceeds health requirements. For more info visit our Emergency Services page or call us (604) 537-2373 (24 hour service).
Description – A fast and efficient solution during a breakdown.

Location –  British Columbia and Alberta
Services provided – Beverage dispensing systems, equipment and crew for beer gardens, special events, and more.
Description – OASIS Event Services loves to support other businesses and industries.

Location –  Vancouver
Services provided – Beverage dispensing systems, equipment and crew for beer garden.
Description – The largest craft beer festival in Canada – a lot of beer …and a lot of fun!

Location –  Vancouver
Services provided – When A&W Restaurant experienced an emergency flood, OASIS Event Services was there to save the day..and perishables..with one of our superior mobile refrigeration trailers
Description –  A&W Restaurant, flood.

Location –  Burnaby
Services provided – Beverage dispensing systems, equipment and crew for beer garden.
Description –  99.3 The Fox & Freeway Mazda present Foxfest Canada Day with Alice in Chains, I Mother Earth, Monster Truck and Head of the Herd, July 1st at Deer Lake Park.
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We bought out Hiway Refrigeration’s fleet of Refrigerated trailers in 2015 and have since added 2 newly constructed trailers.

OASIS Event Services is now Canada’s largest supplier of refrigerated cargo trailers for events & emergency response.

Location –  Vancouver
Services provided – Service and mobile refrigeration for beer garden out on the sand of Kits Beach.
Description –  Vancouver Open Volleyball Tournament, which took over the sand at Kitsilano Beach.

Location –  Vancouver
Services provided – Beverage dispensing systems, equipment and crew for beer garden and special event party.
Description –  Created 25 years ago as a showcase of Vancouver’s growing cultural diversity, the Dragon Boat Festival, a first-of-its-kind event has grown to become a grand celebration of Canada’s unique multicultural heritage with exciting programs and professional performances by well- known entertainers.

10 years operating beer garden & Paddler’s Parties!

Location –  Brockton Fields at Stanley Park
Services provided – Managed and operated all beverage operations including beer gardens, VIP and Private chalets.
Description –  The Voices in the Park concert is a fundraising concert to benefit The Sarah McLachlan School of Music. Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Stevie Nicks, Hedley, Jann Arden, Chin Injeti, The Boom Booms, Hey Ocean! and Whitehorse with a special guest appearance by President Bill Clinton!
Venue Capacity – 20,000

Location – Squamish
Services provided – Virgin Music Chalet
Description – The second annual Live at Squamish took over the Loggers Sports Grounds on Saturday (Aug. 20) and Sunday (Aug. 21). Artists included; Weezer,Metric and Shad amongst many others.

Location – UBC Student Union Boulevard
Services provided – Beer Gardens & Event Logistics. VIP hosting and mobile refrigeration.
Description – The classic MacInnes field concert and beer garden. The party kicks off at 2pm and runs til 9pm. Featuring: Hey Ocean! Morgan Page Starfucker Erica Dee and Honey La Rochelle as Minxy Jones DJ She and more!!
Annual Event serviced by OASIS Event Services since 2007.


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