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Mobile Refrigeration

Tired of packing totes or coolers with ice and the seemingly endless trips back and forth to the event site?

Oasis Event Services understands the logistical challenge of off-site or remote location catering and the need to have reliable refrigeration available.

From weddings and corporate functions to festivals or film shoots, we provide mobile refrigeration services that will eliminate your refrigeration issues and still be cost effective.


Perfect for large outdoor or remote location catering events!

Our cold storage containers use standard 115V/20AMP power and are a relief from noisy & smelly diesel generators. No refuelling worries and no fuel costs. No fuss, no muss. Just plug it in.

The smallest trailer’s interior space is 8′ long x 5′ high and 5’6″s wide.

The mid-sized unit is 12′L x 6′H x 6′W and the larger trailers are 15′L x 6’2″H x 6’4”W.

BrewWagon…the largest has a 20’ L x 6’2”H x 7”4”w box.

All are available with kitchen grade racking for optimum air circulation at no charge.

The larger units have side service door access with cooler curtains in addition to the rear doors to minimize cold air loss.

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  • Oasis Events is professional.
  • We excel in customer service.
  • Our equipment is reliable.
  • We have a large fleet of trailers
  • We ALWAYS get the job done.
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